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The Institute of Student Loan Advisors™ (TISLA™) offers multiple partnership opportunities to schools, employers and associations who have constituencies concerned about their student debt.

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 1 in 5 employees has taken time from work to deal with financial issues and 61 percent of human resources representatives’ state that personal finance issues negatively affect employee productivity. This isn’t just an issue for entry-level employees. Half of all student loan borrowers are over the age of 30 and a quarter are over 45.

From a college perspective, while there are multiple counseling opportunities offered to students about their loans, it’s no secret that the effectiveness of the timing of these counseling sessions is not ideal. In fact, according to a recent study, up to 40 percent of students don’t even recall receiving such counseling. Successful student loan management is about providing the right information, at the right time. Because the “right time” is different for every student loan borrower, they need access to expert resources on a frequent basis, and from a trusted, nuetral source.

Employers, colleges and associations can greatly help borrowers manage their student debt by providing access to these resources. Doing so can increase employee retention and job satisfaction, improve alumni relations and add significant value to association membership.

TISLA offers several customizable services and packages to help you provide these resources to your constituency in an affordable way. Our goal is to provide you with on-going content, tools and counseling, so that your employees/members have access to the information they need, when they need it. That’s why a comprehensive Annual Plan can make the most sense.

Our Basic Annual Plan includes:

  • MONTHLY ARTICLE/BLOG– to provide education. These can be sent as an email and/or posted to your website. They will include a reminder that TISLA can provide free expert, unbiased student loan advice and dispute resolution via email. Examples of popular topics include;
    • Pros & Cons of Consolidation
    • Understanding How Payments are Applied
    • Public Service Loan Forgiveness
  • FIVE LIVE WEBINARS– flexible calendar dates with timely topics. Allows participants to ask questions.
    • We will record the session and make it available to you for future viewings by either:
      • Posting it for you on a You Tube Channel specific to your organization
      • Posting it on your own internal website

Additionally, TISLA can provide the above services À la cart as needed including holding a live seminar at your location as mentioned below. This can be especially valuable for certain non-profit and government agencies (includes state, city, town and tribal) as we can advocate and provide counseling on the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)  program. Eligible employers can use PSLF as a strong employee retention and retainment tool, provided employees are able to successfully navigate the program. There has been a lot of confusion surrounding this program that has resulted in a significant rejection rate to date.  As a nationally recognized expert in PSLF,  TISLA can provide peace of mind and confidence to employees that they are satisfying all the programs requirements..

  • OPTIONAL EXTRA SERVICES – À la cart services.
    • Live Seminar at your site – includes 2 hours of one on one meetings. Extra time can be purchased.
    • Dedicated Phone Service
      • Full Time: Mon-Fri from 9m – 5pm
      • Part-time: Evenings and weekends

Providing these resources to your employees, members or students is a valuable service that will add value to your current benefit offerings.   Your partnership with TISLA also helps support our mission as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization who provides unbiased ad-free assistance to student loan consumers. TISLA is funded through grants, donations and our fee for service products we offer to employers, schools and associations with constituencies concerned with student debt.   Such donations and partnerships will be listed on this page to ensure continued transparency.

Pricing is determined based on number of employees/members and can be customized to suit your needs. For more information on partnering with TISLA, please contact Betsy Mayotte at betsy “at”

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