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Am I Eligible for Loan Forgiveness?

  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness
  • Perkins Loan Cancellation
  • Teacher Loan Forgiveness and other programs

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Help Me Choose a Repayment Plan

  • Tips for choosing the right plan for you
  • Clear explanation of all the federal loan repayment plans
  • Strategies for private student loans

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My Loan is Past Due or In Default

  • Understand the consequences of student loan default
  • Learn the different ways to resolve your loan default
  • Tips for dealing with wage and tax refund garnishment
  • How to handle private loan default

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Should I Consolidate My Loans?

  • The pros and cons of consolidating your loans
  • Understand the terms of loan consolidation
  • Who is a good candidate for private loan refinancing

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I Have A Dispute

Many student loan disputes come down to a simple misunderstanding or miscommunication. Even if that’s the case, you deserve to have a clear understanding of your student loans and the actions taken on them. While we can help you manage disputes, we strongly suggest you take the following steps first.

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