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Arizona Loan Repayment Programs

Who It’s For: Fully licensed medical professionals who make a two-year commitment to work in federally designated Health Professional Shortage Areas or Arizona Medically Underserved Areas.

How to Apply: You can access the application system and requirements on their website.

What Loans Qualify: Any federal, state, or private loans that went toward the course of study for the medical profession that the applicant is using to qualify for this program.

How Much?: The award amount varies greatly depending on the level of need in the Health Professional Shortage Area in question, as well as whether the applicant still in the first two years of service or if they’ve continued beyond that. You can find a chart of possible rewards here.

Anything Else I Should Know?:  There are technically two different programs that fall under this heading, one for public & non-profit practices, the other for private practices in rural areas. Find out more about the differences here.