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Court decides in favor of borrowers pursuing PSLF

Great news for borrowers!  You should be able to rely on a federal notice that tells you you are eligible.  I’m very curious how this will play out overall.   Does this mean that the ABA is an eligible employer forever for these borrowers or only for the years they were incorrectly told it was eligible?  Stay tuned! #studentloans #PSLF

2018 Annual Report Now Available

We’ve had a great first year.  4500 individual borrowers received one on one counseling and/or assistance with a dispute on their student loans and thousands more were able to self-help via our website, webinars and educational blogs.  Our partnership services continue to grow and we are expanding our grant application strategy to ensure we can provide outreach to the most vulnerable borrower populations.  We’d like to take a moment to thank all of our supporters and volunteers and of course the full TISLA team.

TISLA 2018 Annual Report