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Nicest Thank You Ever

Here at TISLA we are lucky enough to work with just the nicest people. We get a lot of thank-you’s – even from people who got a different answer from what they were hoping. With that said, we just got the nicest thank you note from a borrower we were privileged to assist with a disability discharge. So nice we had to share. Thank you Thelma, for taking the time to write this lovely note. You made our day!

Death Sex and Money podcast

We were lucky enough to be a guest on the popular podcast Death, Sex and Money. Listen to it here!

PS: We’ve heard you DSM listeners, our donate button is hard to find. We did that on purpose so consumers needing us would never feel like they had to donate to get our best service. But due to your feedback, we’ll be making at least a tiny bit easier to find. For now, it’s the little heart on the top right of our home page. Thank you!