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Alaska Supporting Health Care Access Through Loan Repayment (SHARP)

Who It’s For: Health care professionals willing to work in federally designated Health Professional Shortage Areas in the state of Alaska.

How to Apply: You can find the most recent application forms directly on their website. You will also need to commit to at least two years of qualifying service for SHARP-1 or three years for SHARP-3.

What Loans Qualify: Most loans, whether federal, state, or private, should qualify, as long as they originate from a legitimate lending organization.

How Much?: Varies depending on the kind of work you provide and whether or not you’re considered to be in a “Very Hard-to-Fill” position, you could earn as much as $47,250 per year. There is a 12-year lifetime maximum for participation in the program.

Anything Else I Should Know?:  You can send any inquiries directly to