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Connecticut Professional Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

Who It’s For: Various different professions, depending on the loan repayment program. See below:

Connecticut Green Technology, Life Science, and Health Information Technology Loan Reimbursement Program

“Engineering Connecticut” Loan Reimbursement Grant Program

English Language Learner Educator Incentive Program

Information Technology Loan Reimbursement Pilot Program

Minority Teacher Incentive Program and Educator Loan Reimbursement Grant Program

Primary Care Direct Services Program

Nursing Education Loan Forgiveness Program

“You Belong” Loan Reimbursement Grant Program

How to Apply: Varies

What Loans Qualify: Varies.

How Much?: Varies

Anything Else I Should Know?: Details for all of these programs can be found here (PDF). As of July 2022, while all the aforementioned programs have been authorized by law, only the Minority Teacher Incentive Program has been funded.