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Delaware High Needs Educator Student Loan Payment Program

Who It’s For: Delaware teachers with a standard certificate teaching in a high needs school and/or a high needs subject area.

How to Apply: The application is available on the program website. The next application cycle should open in November 2023.

What Loans Qualify: Any student loan.

How Much?: Between $1,000 and $2,000 of student loan repayments annually, for up to five years. Loan repayment will be sent directly to the educator’s student loan provider.  Payments are subject to taxation, which will be amortized over the course of each applicant’s paycheck.

Anything Else I Should Know?: The list of Delaware high needs schools can be accessed here: High Needs Schools. The list of high needs subject areas is on the program website. Teachers must have been rated at least “effective” on their prior year evaluation to be eligible for loan repayment.