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Georgia Forgivable State Loans

Who It’s For: Georgia borrowers who have taken out specific types of undergraduate loans

How to Apply: The cancellation application for SAL is available online (PDF). There is no specific application for SEE forgiveness, but information on cancellation is contained in the promissory note.

What Loans Qualify: Georgia Student Access Loans (SAL) and Georgia Scholarship for Engineering Education (SEE) Loans.

How Much?: Up to a maximum of $36,000 for SAL. Up to $3,500 a year for each year worked for up to six years for SEE Loans.

Anything Else I Should Know?: These are loans that must be taken out before or during undergrad. SEE Loans are also cancellable for borrowers with a high GPA at graduation. For more information, contact the Georgia Student Finance Commission or call them at 1-800-505-4732.