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Georgia Loan Repayment Programs

Who It’s For: There are multiple programs for health professionals in Georgia that are willing to provide health services to rural or other health professional shortage areas. These options are listed below, including a link for the relevant program’s flyer (if available). General information for all programs is listed on the Georgia Board of Health Care Workforce site.

Physicians for Rural Areas Assistance Program (PRAA) (PDF)

Georgia Physician Loan Repayment Program (GPLRP) (no flyer, find all details on the main site)

Dentists for Rural Areas Assistance Program (DRAA) (PDF)

Physician Assistant Loan Repayment Program (PALRP) (PDF)

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Loan Repayment Program (APRNLRP) (PDF)

How to Apply: Each of these programs has a section on the main Georgia Loan Repayment Program website, complete with its own application link. There is a specific application period for each option; if the application period hasn’t begun yet, the link will tell you when to return and apply.

What Loans Qualify: Any loans (including federal, state, and private) that were used to pay for the relevant healthcare degree.

How Much?: Up to $25,000 per year for PRAA, GPLRP, and DRAA. Up to $10,000 per year for PALRP and APRNLRP.

Anything Else I Should Know?:  You can find a map of eligible Georgia counties here.