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Indiana Honorable J. Terrence and Peggy Cody Loan Repayment Assistance Fund

Who It’s For: Law school graduates employed at civil legal aid providers, county Department of Child Services offices and county Public Defender’s offices throughout the state of Indiana, with preference given to those employed or living in Floyd County, Indiana who make less than $70,000 annually.

How to Apply: You can reach out for application info using the contact information on the Indiana Bar Association website or apply online.

What Loans Qualify: Any undergraduate, graduate, and law loan will be considered for this program, but not family loans, personal loans, or loans taken out for other education purposes.

How Much?: Up to $5,000 per year.

Anything Else I Should Know?:  Technically, this forgiveness gives you a new loan that you are expected to use to help pay off your existing student loans; as long as you meet all of the rules and standards laid out in the program’s rules, this new loan is then eligible for forgiveness at the end of the annual award year.