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New Mexico Health Professional Loan Repayment Program

Who It’s For: Medical, dental, and mental health professionals in the state of New Hampshire who agree to work in a health professional shortage area for at least two years.

How to Apply: You can access the application directly on the program’s website, but only around when the application cycle is active. Applications open on March 15 and close May 1.

What Loans Qualify: No specific loan types are listed in the publicly available information for this program. Most similar programs allow you to put the payment toward any loans (including federal, state, and private) that were used to pay for the relevant healthcare degree and were taken out from a qualified lending institution.

How Much?: Up to $25,000 per year, depending on the loan amount and the amount of state funding available. Recipients can apply to renew upon completion of the two-year service obligation.

Anything Else I Should Know?: Once you agree to the obligation for this program, it’s very important to stick to it. Breaking the obligation after you’ve already received funds results in a penalty of three times the amount you received, plus 18 percent interest.