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New Mexico Minority Doctoral Loan Repayment Assistance Program

Who It’s For: Individuals who have completed a doctoral degree in a field of study in which ethnic minorities and women are demonstrably underrepresented, such as engineering, physical or life sciences, or mathematics. They must also be hired by a public post-secondary educational institution in New Mexico for a full-time, tenure-track faculty position.

How to Apply: You can access the application directly on the program’s website, but only around when the application cycle is active.

What Loans Qualify: No specific loan types are listed in the publicly available information for this program. Most similar programs allow you to put the payment toward any loans (including federal, state, and private) that were used to pay for the relevant law degree and were taken out from a qualified lending institution.

How Much?: The maximum annual award is $25,000, although the actual award amount will be based on the applicant’s amount of student debt and the available funding for the program. You can receive funds for up to four years.

Anything Else I Should Know?: Applying for this program comes with an obligation for at least one year of teaching in a full-time faculty position at a public college or university per award received through this program.