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North Dakota Career Builders Loan Repayment Program

Who It’s For: Applicants newly hired into a high-need occupation within North Dakota.

How to Apply: Individuals interested in loan repayment can simply complete the application with their employer and send it to the NDUS. The application is available on the program’s website (PDF).

What Loans Qualify: All Federal Student Loans, Perkins Loans, Bank of ND DEAL loan or CEAL education loans, other private alternative student loans. 

How Much?: Payments may not exceed $5,667 per year, or one-third of the applicant’s outstanding student loan principal balance at the time of application, whichever is less.  Payments are made over 3 years. Maximum total $17,000

Anything Else I Should Know?: The Workforce Development Council and ND Job Service review and establish the qualifying high-need and emerging occupations list (PDF) annually.