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Have student loans? Want forgiveness? An important deadline is coming up.

A big deadline is coming up for people with federal student loans to be eligible for forgiveness.

Borrowers with certain kinds of federal loans need to consolidate — effectively, refinance with the federal government — by Tuesday, April 30, to qualify for debt cancellation through two existing programs, Income-Driven Repayment and Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

The Department of Education is currently doing what it calls a one-time account adjustment, reviewing every single one of the more than 40 million federal student loan accounts and giving borrowers credit for years of past payments that previously did not count toward forgiveness.

“Essentially what it’s saying is, ‘Listen, we don’t think that the industry as a whole did a good job communicating to borrowers about the existence of the Income-Driven plans,’” said Betsy Mayotte, who runs the nonprofit Institute of Student Loan Advisors.