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The Institute of Student Loan Advisors Announces the Launch of Free Resource for All Student Loan Borrowers

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The Institute of Student Loan Advisors
Betsy Mayotte


The Institute of Student Loan Advisors Announces the Launch of Free Resource for All Student Loan Borrowers

Plymouth, MA (November 16, 2017) – The Institute of Student Loan Advisors (TISLA), the nonprofit dedicated to giving consumers fair, free student loan advice and dispute resolution, is excited to announce the launch of its website,

TISLA, recently founded to help consumers struggling under the heavy burden of college debt, offers clear information and advice for borrowers via TISLA provides guidance on loan repayment options, consolidation, dispute resolution, default rehabilitation and more. Borrowers may also email and set up one on one phone calls with TISLA for personalized assistance with their student loan situations. Contact can also be made through the TISLA Facebook page or Twitter @TISLA_SL. The service is entirely free for consumers.

Today, nearly 45 million Americans hold $1.4 trillion in student loans and the average student borrower leaves college with a debt load of more than $30,000. Education debt affects multiple generations, often holding borrowers back from starting businesses and families, buying homes, or saving for retirement or their children’s education. As the nation’s student loan crisis has grown, many borrowers have turned to student debt relief companies that charge a fee for helping them enroll in repayment programs and services they could otherwise get for free through the federal government.

“Student loan borrowers have a right to neutral and clear advice without being charged a fee, barraged with advertisements or forced to provide personal information that may later be sold,” said Betsy Mayotte, President and Founder of TISLA. “At TISLA, we understand that student loan borrowers are overwhelmed by their debt and repayment options, and sometimes just need a second opinion or additional help from an unbiased, expert source who has their best interests in mind. Our goal is not to manage borrowers’ loans for them, but to instead help them themselves.”

TISLA does not require registration or fees to access its services. Future service enhancements include telephone and live chat for real-time customer service.

To ensure neutrality, the organization is actively seeking funding through grants and donations. Contact Betsy Mayotte at for more information on funding opportunities.

About The Institute of Student Loan Advisors

The Institute of Student Loan Advisors (TISLA) is a private nonprofit dedicated to ensuring that all consumers have access to fair, free, student loan advice and dispute resolution. We will never charge consumers for our services and do not require registration or affiliation to utilize our services. While we encourage all student loan borrowers to talk to their loan holders for help, we understand that sometimes, you just want a second opinion or need additional help.

About Betsy Mayotte

Betsy Mayotte is the President and founder of The Institute of Student Loan Advisors (TISLA). A longtime student loan professional with more than 20 years’ experience in compliance and advocacy, she has helped thousands of borrowers with their student loans one-on-one. She has served as a primary negotiator for several federal rulemaking sessions on topics such as loan rehabilitation and borrower defense to repayment discharge. In addition, Mayotte frequently conducts regulatory trainings for the higher education financing industry both in the United States and as far away as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. She is regularly quoted in the media on student loan issues and was a frequent contributor to U.S. News and World Report’s The Student Loan Ranger blog Betsy was born and raised in Lowell, MA and currently lives in Plymouth, MA.