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‘It’s like Christmas, birthday, and Arbor Day all together’: Student loan expert says scammers are waiting to trick you


This is the government website for student loans. Any information you need about your loan is going to be there.

“You never have to pay for student loan help. And paying someone for student loan help is not going to get you access to a program that you wouldn’t normally be eligible for or get you the benefit faster,” said Mayotte.

When you go to you’ll want to do these 4 things:

#1  Update your profile and contact information on your loan servicer’s website and your profile. This is going to make sure you know who your loan servicer is (many loans were transferred to different companies over the last three years) and your loan servicer is the one who has the information on what your payment is expected to be and when it will be due.

 #2 Review your payment enrollment or sign-up.  Your banking info may have changed, so double-check this.

#3 Look at the loan simulator and find a repayment plan that works for you.

#4 Would an Income-Driven Repayment plan help?You can look at applying for an IDR.