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(888) 556-0022 or (603) 227-5321

Loans previously serviced by Granite State Management & Resources (GSM&R) have been transferred to a new servicer.

Borrowers with Federal Family Education Loan Program loans (FFELP) should contact Nelnet. They can be reached:
Via phone at 888-486-4722.

Borrowers with Private Education Loans (TREE, LEAF, and/or EdvestinU) should contact Firstmark Services (a division of Nelnet Servicing, LLC). They can be reached:
Via phone at 844-399-7535.

Borrowers with Federal Direct Loans should contact EdFinancial Services. They can be reached:
Via phone at 855-337-6884.

Borrowers with FFEL and/or Private Education loans that were paid in full prior to October 21st, 2023, should contact Granite Edvance (formerly doing business as Granite State Management & Resources) for information.

Via phone at 877-532-5539.
Via email: