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Nationally recognized expert offers Student Loan Counseling Course for Financial Advisors, Wealth Management Analysts

11/30/2020 | Plymouth, MA

One of the top student loan experts in the country, Betsy Mayotte, has announced a new resource for financial planners, analysts and others who offer personal finance advice: a crash course in student loans.

“More and more personal finance experts are finding that their clients still have student debt to include in the equation – whether it be their own, or loans they borrowed for their children’s education,” said Mayotte, who is also president of The Institute of Student Loan Advisors, a non-profit founded to offer free student loan advice to vulnerable borrowers.

According to the New York Federal Reserve, half of all student loan borrowers are over the age of 30, a quarter are over 45 and the fastest growing age group for student loan debt are those over 65. Over 20% of all US adults over the age of 30 hold student loan debt. For those that want to provide holistic financial planning and wealth management services, understanding the student loan programs and their options can ensure you can provide a complete and inclusive strategy.

Betsy has crafted a Student Loan Counseling Boot Camp that will educate participants in everything they would need to know to accurately address 99% of the situations they would come across with their clients.  In addition, the course price includes a year’s access to Betsy for any questions that might come up beyond the scope of the course. The curriculum covers student loan types, repayment plans, loan forgiveness programs, consolidation, and delinquency and default options.

The classes are limited to ensure individualized attention and is currently being offered twice. The first event is an all-day workshop and the second breaks the course up into two half day workshops. You can read more about these courses and register at and .

Betsy has been working in student loan compliance and advocacy for over twenty years. She has been chosen multiple times to act as a primary negotiator in sessions where many of the current student loan regulations have been written. She is often quoted in the press on student loan issues including the New York Times, Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. In addition to the national level, Mayotte has been invited to speak on student loan issues as far away as Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Contact: betsy at

The Institute of Student Loan Advisors (TISLA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that ensures all student and parent loan borrowers have access to free, neutral and expert resources and mentoring so they can successfully manage their college debt. Over 80% of borrowers we help state they will take some sort of positive action on their student loans as a result of our counseling. We educate borrowers on how to make their loans manageable so they can get the most out of their college education and live their best lives. Because student loans should be a step up, not a set-up.