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Temporary PSLF Waiver

On October 6, 2021, the ED announced a temporary waiver to some of the traditional PSLF rules. This waiver is allowing many previously ineligible payments to count towards the 120 payments needed for forgiveness under PSLF.

While the PSLF Temporary Waiver ended October 31, 2022, another temporary waiver, called the One Time IDR Adjustment, extends many of the provisions of the PSLF waiver. You can read about this initiative at and on the repayment page of

What applies under the temporary waivers:

  • Any period the loan was in a repayment status will count towards PSLF, as long as the borrower was working eligible employment at the time. This includes payments made:
    • under any repayment plan
    • even if the payment was late or not a full payment
    • payments made on FFEL or Perkins Loans
    • payment periods prior to consolidation
  • What has not changed under the waivers
    • definition of eligible employment
    • the borrower must be working eligible employment for the month to count
    • only periods of repayment on or after October 2007 count
    • periods of default do not count
    • Parent PLUS loans were not included under the waiver, unless the Parent PLUS borrower also has Stafford or Graduate PLUS loans in their name

How to Apply

To get credit under the temporary waivers, borrowers must submit proof of at least one period of eligible employment prior to the deadline of October 31, 2022. If borrowers need to consolidate FFEL or Perkins loans, or if borrowers with Direct Loans wish to consolidate to ensure the highest PSLF count, they must submit a completed consolidation application no later than the waiver deadline.

You can read more details about this waiver, including an extensive FAQ document, on the PSLF page at