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How it works

  • Make 120 qualifying payments while working for a qualifying employer
    • Some or all of these payments may have been made under a graduated, extended or standard consolidation repayment plan.
    • The 12th to the last payment, as well as the last payment made, must have been at least as much as you would have paid under and income driven repayment plan. MOHELA will make that determination.
    • You can estimate what that amount would be by using the repayment estimator at and verify which of the income driven plans has the lowest payment amount (income-based repayment, income contingent repayment, PAYE or REPAYE).
    • If that amount is higher than you have been paying you must make that higher payment for your 12th to last, as well as the final payment
  • Some borrowers simply get on an income driven plan for their final year of payments to ensure they are meeting the TEPSLF requirements.

How to Apply for the TEPSLF

  • Ensure you have submitted all ten years’ worth of employment certification forms
  • Complete a PSLF application, include a letter requesting consideration for the TEPSLF, and submit the documentation to MOHELA.

How Long Will It Last?

  • Congress budgeted $350 million for the fix on a first come first serve basis.
    • Once it’s gone, there will be no more granted.
  • You cannot apply prior to your 120th payment.
  • If you have only made a few payments under the incorrect plan, it is strongly advised that you switch to an income-driven plan immediately.

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