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Temporary Extension to Public Service Loan Forgiveness (TEPSLF)

If you were making payments under plan ineligible for PSLF you may still qualify for forgiveness. Congress has created a temporary program to allow borrowers with eligible employment and eligible loans to utilize payments made under:

  • the extended repayment plan
  • the graduated repayment plan or
  • a standard consolidation plan (one that is longer than 10 years)

Who qualifies/doesn’t qualify for the “fix”?

Who Qualifies

  • Borrowers who made payments under a graduated, extended or standard consolidation plan
  • On Direct Loans
  • While working for a PSLF eligible employer

Who Does Not Qualify

  • Borrowers who consolidated after making eligible payments cannot receive credit for these payments
  • Borrowers who made payments under a Perkins or Federal Family Education Loan program loan
  • Borrowers who made payments while in default, or made payments late
  • Borrowers with private student loans