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What if you can’t pay back your student loans when payments start again? These are your options.

Borrowers can use the Loan Simulator on the Department of Education’s website to compare their payment options, said Betsy Mayotte, the president of the Institute for Student Loan Advisors, a nonprofit that helps borrowers manage their student loans. Her organization’s website also offers a tool for borrowers to get a sense of what they would pay under different payment plans, Mayotte said.

“Borrowers can do a lot of self-help these days because of the various tools that are available online,” she said.

If you find an income-driven repayment plan, or a program that ties your loan payment to your income and not your balance, you can also apply for the plan online on your servicer’s website, Mayotte said.

“If the borrower is eligible for the plan the servicer can’t deny them and if they submit the application they’ll be approved for it,” she said.